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Hosting a Wine & Cheese Party - Coach Realtors

Hosting a wine and cheese party can be a great way to bring friends or family together. You don't have to cook, and it's easy to have guests contribute. You can stand or sit around while you nibble, sip, and catch up on the latest events. A wine and cheese party works well for a housewarming party or even just a casual event. Below, our REALTORS® will share tips to help you plan a lovely, memorable gathering.

  1. Offer a Variety of Cheeses
    People's tastes vary when it comes to cheese. Some will try anything, and others might only like mild, hard, or cheese made from a certain type of milk. If you offer a variety of cheeses, everyone will find something they enjoy. 

    Try picking a few cow's milk cheeses, a sheep's milk cheese, and one made from goat's milk. Include at least one hard, soft, and medium cheese, and vary your regions, too. For example, it could be fun to try one cheese from each continent.

  2. Serve Cheese-Friendly Accompaniments
    Wine and cheese may be your party's base ingredients, but guests will want some other things to nibble, too. There are lots of foods, other than crackers, that pair well with cheese.

    Some snackable treats to consider are dried fruits, honey, jam, sliced fruit, and nuts. You could also serve a charcuterie board with assorted sausages and aged meats.

  3. Serve at Least Three Different Wines
    You don't necessarily have to go overboard with a dozen different wines to pair with each cheese. But offering at least three different wines will ensure each guest can find something they enjoy.

    If you do serve only three wines, consider a Reisling, a Malbec, and a Merlot. This way, you have a good range from sweet to dry. 

  4. Be Specific When Asking Guests to Contribute
    You can absolutely ask guests to contribute to your wine and cheese party. This can help keep the budget affordable. However, you should be specific when asking them what to bring. For example, you can ask one guest to bring soft cheese and another to bring a bottle of red wine.

    Another option is to ask each guest to bring wine and cheese to share. This way, you know you'll have great pairings.

  5. Start the Party After Dinner Hours
    While wine and cheese can be filling, it is not a meal. Schedule your party after standard dinner hours to ensure guests have the right expectations. Starting at 7 p.m. tends to work well.

    You can also put an end time on the invitations to ensure guests head out at a reasonable hour. Or, if you're looking forward to sipping wine into the wee hours, don't include an end time.

  6. Stock Up on Plastic Glasses
    If you have enough wine glasses, you can serve everyone their first glass of wine in a real glass. But after that, you might want to switch to plastic glasses. This tends to reduce the number of glass-breaking incidents. Some high-quality plastic glasses make it feel like you're sipping out of real glass.

    It's wise to go disposable with your plates and napkins, too. There are some beautiful, classy disposable appetizer plates available these days.

Hosting a wine and cheese party is a great way to enjoy your new home. If you're still looking for Nassau County homes for sale or Suffolk County homes for sale, please contact us. Our agents will be happy to guide you through the house-hunting process. 

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